Materials for design and green building  

The company ECOMAT S.r.l., which owns the OLTREMATERIA® and ECOMALTA® brands, was founded by a group of special people: technicians and researchers operating for years in the sector of innovative materials and resinous coatings for floors, design engineers with experience in the world of design and Green Building.

OLTREMATERIA® originates from the need to set up a highly professional and dynamic distribution company capable of training and operating throughout the world, possessing in-depth knowledge of production, application and distribution methods and of the most sophisticated and environmentally sustainable technologies on the market, aimed at retailers and professionals interested in using eco-friendly materials and systems for a low environmental impact  

Mission: Build and live Green

To represent “Green Life”, a new philosophy with low environmental impact, for people’s health and well-being.  
We conceive, design and manufacture materials and systems for continuous surfaces, along with innovative solutions aimed to the environment and at improving people’s health and their quality of life through eco-friendly materials in order to prevent the main pathologies caused by indoor and outdoor pollution. Our vision is to represent Green Building and Living as a new philosophy for coating systems and materials with extremely high performances but with low environmental impact, to promote a better quality of living and to help people live better.

Placing the eco-sustainable quality of the HOME at the centre, in relation to the health of its occupants: this is the philosophy that has inspired the OLTREMATERIA   ®    project. Indoor air quality, high environmental energy standards of buildings and healthy rooms in balance with nature are the pillars of our living well-being.

The OLTREMATERIA   ®    System respects the environment since it cuts down on the use of natural resources and has a lower impact on the environment; it does not use solvents, cements or epoxy resins; it reuses inerts and certified recycled minerals offering healthier conditions, and represents the most cost-effective solution as well. This special coating method ensures a healthier life, in addition to higher quality and greater efficiency.


    Environmental Sustainability





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