Ecological materials for designing with water 

ECOMALTA Is an innovative material, which can be used to create a continuous surface; the result of painstaking technological research, for floors and surfaces, in complete respect for the environment: fire-proof, breathable, frost-proof, resistant, flexible, recyclable, and free from cements, epoxy resins and substances toxic to humans and the environment. Is mono component and ready to use. The product is water-based. It is eco-compatible.


   Free from: gypsum, cement and epoxy resins  



   Excellent flexibility

All products that make up the coating cycle have been notified and codified to the I.S.S. as non-toxic products–Complies with Directive 2004/42/EC concerning (VOC).

Oltremateria cycles comply with Directive EEC 89/106 pertaining to the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality): 

  • no generation of toxic gases for the environment and for the subsoil;  

  • no creation of pulverulent micro particles;  

  • no radioactivity level;  

  • no release that forms humidity;  

  • excellent resistance to dirt;  

  • can be restored;  

  • not flammable  

  • not categorized as being toxic, harmful.