Continuous eco-friendly surfaces for floors, walls and furnishing accessories

The OLTREMATERIA ®  project  was born to be a reference point for eco-sustainable living, where technological know-how is combined with the continuous search for innovative solutions with the aim of creating eco-compatible environments, improving the quality of life current and future and safeguarding the ecosystem. 

Talking about OLTREMATERIA ®  means revealing a continuous surface system for water-based and certified floor and wall coverings. 

The adaptability of the product is infinite: vertical and horizontal surfaces, with perfect performance even on radiant floors, applicable on flat or material surfaces, customizable in color and composition, non-toxic, fireproof, breathable and frost-proof.

The OLTREMATERIA ®  project  is a guarantee of an excellent author's product, made with the utmost care and professionalism in all phases, thanks to the many years of experience of our highly qualified staff and constantly updated on the development and testing of new processing techniques. 

The technical characteristics of OLTREMATERIA
®  Surfaces
in Ecomalta ®  / Oleomalta ®

OLTREMATERIA ®  products  and their continuous surfaces have been subjected to strict international laboratory tests and in construction sites all over the world, to test their performance.
The results show that Oltremateria ®  has superior resistance qualities to the norm.
The resistances and the technical characteristics of Oltremateria ®  have been tested with mechanical and thermal stresses, from residual marks, from impact, to wear, to fire, to cracking, to chemical substances, to corrosive substances, to food contact, to VOCs.

OLTREMATERIA® products produced entirely in ITALY in ISO 9001 certified laboratories.

Even the impermeability has been repeatedly tested, and has obtained excellent results while maintaining, very importantly, in any case throughout the thickness of the cycle, a certain breathability to vapor allowing the transpiration of the substrate.

Due to its superior technical characteristics,  Oltremateria ®  is also suitable and certified  for covering radiant floors: it has excellent thermal conductivity, which allows it to heat up much earlier, accelerating the irradiation process.  The more the material conducts heat, the lower the consumption: this means that your home will heat up much sooner, and you can also save on your bill.

Note: ECOMAT S.r.l., (Italy) owns OLTREMATERIA®, ECOMALTA® and  ECOPUR®  brands